Bishops urge electioneering politicians to work for a just peace as famine takes its toll in Gaza

As news of a snap General Election dominates the headlines, the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church has called on politicians to work urgently for a just peace in Israel-Palestine and an end to military action, to help prevent the effects of famine taking an even greater toll on those who are suffering.

The College said: “As the election campaign starts and politicians of all hues will be held to account, the College of Bishops remains acutely aware that the situation in Gaza is becoming more desperate by the day, as famine sets in harder than ever and arrest warrants are sought by international courts for the political leaders involved.

“The Scottish Episcopal Church College of Bishops urgently adds its voices to all those worldwide calling for an end to the ongoing military action by Israel’s forces in Gaza.

“The famine that the people of Gaza are suffering and the conditions that so many people there are having to endure are impossible for us to fully comprehend. Hamas’ actions on October 7th still horrify and the fate of the hostages taken on that day remains perilous. But we hear the increasing range of international voices condemning Israel’s use of excessive military force when so many innocents are being killed and injured.

“The politics of this Israel-Gaza conflict are becoming even more complex, with global powers taking political positions for home and international reasons: but innocents are suffering in the violence. The College of Bishops urges all members of the Scottish Episcopal Church to pray for those innocents who are suffering in Gaza and in Israel, to lobby their elected representatives to work for a just peace in Israel-Palestine and to support the charities working to bring relief to those suffering.”